Saturday, April 01, 2006

Frap Gurl

Blog Name: Frap Gurl
Comment Left: Smacky loves goth girls. They remind him that human stupidity and a senseless devotion to fashion are not limited to preppy blonde airheads.

Ridgeway Legacy Family

Blog Name: Ridgeway Legacy Family
Comment Left: Smacky used to think there was nothing more boring than some teenaged airhead blogging on about their dull, unintersting lives. Apparently, you have discovered something duller than that - blogging about the dull and uninteresting lives of imaginary characters in your game of The Sims.

Smacky would like to advise you to go outside, and meet some real people.

Geography at the Movies

Blog Name: Geography at the Movies
Comment Left: The owner of this blog appears to be a teacher. Probably a geography teacher. Smacky wants you to know, so that there is no doubt: There is no one on earth more hated and despised than a geography teacher.

Daily Exploits of a Manic Suicidal

Blog Name: Daily Exploits of a Manic Suicidal
Comment Left: No need to apologize about never posting. This blog's only redeeming feature is the large period of time between entries.