Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Blog Name: Andiaphora
Comment Left: Smacky has to admit, after reading your blog, he would hire you in a minute. Assuming, of course, that the job required the services of an anacephalic twat with the personality of a dried apricot.

Smacky's Update
Like so many other blog-owners, Andiaphora persists in engaging in the heinous act of censorship. Made more heinous, of course, by the fact that they censored Smacky. So, perhaps Smacky's next comment will remain without being deleted.

Second Comment: The fact that you censor your posts distresses Smacky. Although not as much as the fact that you masturbate with a broom handle shoved up your ass.

The Evil Eye Cafe

Blog Name: The Evil Eye Cafe
Comment Left:
Smacky is a regular reader of this blog. On the days on which Smacky cannot read this blog, he smears raccoon excrement on his eyes. This is a suitable substitute.