Friday, February 17, 2006

Welcome to the Insult O' Matic

Greetings. My name is Smacky, and I am a mouse. You may wonder how I come to have not only access to the Internet, but the ability to create cogent sentences. Well, the answer is simple. Don't be a nosy prick.

I once encountered a blog called the "Complimenting Commmenter". The sole purpose of this site is to go around and compliment various blogs, regardless of merit. Seems pretty stupid to me. So, in the interests of universal balance and harmony, I have decided to create a blog whose sole purpose is to go around insulting other blogs.

No blog is safe. Anyone can be insulted by Smacky. I will choose the blog to be insulted at random, based upon a complex mathematical formula including factors such as daily hits, astrological forecasts, and random dumb luck.

If your blog has been chosen to be insulted, consider yourself lucky. Many are mocked, but few are chosen. I invite all comments, and anticipate significant backlash. To you backlashers out there, allow me to remind you of the Insult O' Matic Blog's motto:

Fuck you, you humourless fuck.


Dustin said...

First you might want to correct some of your spelling and grammatical errors. i.e. "If your belong has been..." Shouldn't that be blog? Just a question. Oh and the insult on my blog... well. It was kind of lame. Please try harder next time. Since I already think my blog is crap, you attacking it, well, fizzled. To truly insult someone you need to know what it is that irks them and makes them cry. Try a new approach.

Smacky said...

Smacky thanks you Dustin - especially for noting the spelling and grammatical errors. They were deliberately introduced to annoy inbred cat-molesters.

Smacky is also pleased to see that you agree with his assessment of your blog.