Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Day in the Life

Blog Name: A Day in the Life
Comment Left: Smacky was so glad to find your site. If Smacky can't randomly find at least 3 blogs called "A Day in the Life" per day, he starts to worry. This blog is about as original as "The Da Vinci Code".


Starfire said...

Hey Smacky, thanks for my first comment here and the (probably unintentional) compliment. I didn't know it was about as original as The Da Vinchi Code. Let's hope it gets to be as popular!


Smacky said...

Smacky always loves it when someone is too dense to recognize an insult when they read it. The comment was as to "originality". The central thesis of this book was already put forward in the 1970's, in a book called "Holy Blood, Holy Grail".

Starfire, pick this book up and read it. It ought to keep your lips moving for about six months or so.

Frap Gurl said...

Smacky..I'll bet my life your devine proportions are eskeww

Frap Gurl said...

....meaning you have... the little man syndrome...and are length and girth challenged!

Smacky said...

frap gurl fails to understand that, as a mouse, Smacky does not suffer from any kind of "man" syndrome. But yes, Smacky is short for a mouse.

Smacky also is amused by women who think that the best way to insult a male is by making fun of their penis. Especially when Smacky has it on good authority that frap gurl's vagina is large enough to store her dishes in.