Monday, March 20, 2006

The Walls Have Eyes

Blog Name: The Walls Have Eyes
Comment Left: Smacky was going to insult this blog, but he was afraid you have some kind of Trenchcoat Mafia thing going on. After reading your blog, Smacky has come to the following conclusion:

The owner of this blog, and most of his friends, spend too much time masturbating to pictures of Amy Lee.

Smacky's Update: Smacky is stunned. This blog's owner, some twat called "the watcher", emailed Smacky and asked him to insult her blog. Then, she censored the comment, taking out the last line, worried that kids who come to her blog would read them. Remember, she invited Smacky to insult her blog, after reading Smacky's blog. What did she think, Smacky was going to make a joke about Elmo from Sesame Street?Smacky went easy on her, snd she still censored him. Which is why the watcher is the first ever recipient of Smacky's "Assinine Twat" award.

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