Friday, March 24, 2006

Sardine Addict

Blog Name: Sardine Addict
Comment Left: Smacky commends your hunt for co-posters. Perhaps you will get lucky and find someone who's posts don't appear to have been written by a slightly retarded chunk of rectal crust.

Smacky's Note: Check out this email response Smacky got from this blog's owner.
You are right! ... You seem to be a very articulate guy/girl, and I will be glad to have you as a co-poster. Please fill out the application.
Ha! For his efforts, Smacky has been insulted back, his posts deleted, and occasionally complimented. This is the first time the insulted blog owner has invited Smacky to become a co-poster!


Mr. Goodkat said...

hey, dude it's me again.It should be whose, not who's. Just so you know. I like your blog! Some people really can't blog for shit! It's good that you make fun of 'em!

Mr. Goodkat said...

Hey Smacky, I have another blog that you could check out:!
I am an admin on that blog, but you have seen my writing, so i recommend that you check out the other posts by deliriousgoat.